About Us

vTea brings the practice of vaginal steaming to the privacy of your home. Many who loved the concept loved the idea of steaming in their own bathrooms even more. And so did we. We've eliminated the guesswork so you can have an enjoyable steaming experience you'll want to make a part of your regular routine.

The vTea team is made up of women (and men!) just like you who happened to stumble upon a little hidden treasure and simply wanted to share it. Great care has gone into making sure our blends contain the finest certified organic herbs we could find, and then simplifying the process for you. A growing company based in Peachtree City, Georgia, we're here to answer your questions on steaming from our own personal experiences, as well as from our study of the practice.

Feel free to send us an e-mail, and in the meantime... Happy Steaming!

For Product Questions: info@vteasteam.com

For Sales & Partnership Questions: vanessa@vteasteam.com

For Customer Service & General Information: support@vteasteam.com

For Media/Press Inquiries: annjela@vteasteam.com