Refresh. Renew.

vTea brings the ancient practice of vaginal steaming to your home.
"Steaming" as a natural healing therapy is believed to help restore balance to the body and has been used for centuries by cultures around the world. Mayan and traditional Korean healers consider it a must-remedy to cure almost all that ails the female form.
So, what is a vTea Steam?
You might know it by another name.
Hip Bath, Bajos, Yoni Steam, Chai-yok, V-Steam
...but just think of it as a little facial for the intimate area.
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And read on for more about our steam blends (made with certified organic herbs) and the one must-have essential: our vTea Steam Starter Kit, with everything you need to start steaming today.
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For on-the-go freshness anytime, try vTea's new FemWash. It's a gentle foaming cleanser that needs no rinsing...perfect for after workouts, humid days, and everyday!