Steaming 101

Used for centuries by cultures around the world and a must-remedy for Mayan, South American, and traditional Korean healers to cure almost all that ails the female form, “steaming” as a natural healing therapy is believed to help restore balance to the body. Many swear by its benefits:
PMS Discomfort
Menopause Symptoms
Post-Partum Relief
Digestive & Reproductive Health
Skin Soothing & Healing
Cleansing and General Maintenance
Muscle Strengthening & Toning
Toxin Elimination
Mind & Body Relaxation

How It Works

Think of it as a little facial for the intimate area. Like a facial, steaming works to increase circulation, oxygenate, cleanse, tone, and relax muscles. vTea’s organic blends are made with a premium selection of herbs used for thousands of years as natural remedies to treat symptoms and maintain women's health. Herbs like Mugwort, Calendula, Marshmallow Root, Wormwood, Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Rosemary and others release their healing properties in every vTea steam.

Ready to Steam?

  • Set aside 30 minutes to an hour of “me” time to get the most from your steaming experience.
  • Start with 6-8 cups of cool, fresh water and boil. If using the microwave-safe vTea bowl (check out our Starter Kit here), microwave for 8 minutes and increase time in 2-minute increments to your preference/heat tolerance.
  • Add one (1) vTea bag to boiling water; cover and steep for 5-7 minutes, or transfer to any 3-quart (medium-sized) bowl and steep.
  • Lift seat and place bowl into toilet. Be careful; water that is too hot might cause burns when steaming (wave your forearm over the bowl to test temperature).
  • Lower seat and sit over steam, covering yourself with a blanket, sheet or large towel wrapped around your waist and draped to the floor to keep heat in. If steam feels too hot, close the lid and wait a few minutes until comfortable but still very warm.
  • Relax for 20 minutes. Have a towel handy and keep hydrated. Read, write, listen to music, gather your thoughts, light a candle. It’s all about you. Steam as needed, but no more than once a week is recommended.

The restorative benefits of herb infusions have also been known to comfort and soothe the mind and body, so here’s hoping your vTea experience becomes a pleasurable ritual you’ll enjoy for years to come. You’ve just entered the secret world of steaming...and now you know.




*Do not steam if you are pregnant, nursing, taking heart/liver/kidney or cancer medications, are currently using an IUD, have a history of breast cancer, have abrasions, open wounds/piercings, an infection or are having your cycle. As with facials, there’s potential for allergic reactions or breakouts. Test steam before sitting; water that is too hot can cause burnsAlways consult a medical professional before any new regimen. Not to be consumed or ingested.


For educational purposes only. Information, descriptions and products referenced here are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease or illness, and are not intended as prescriptions or therapies in any way. Always consult a physician for medical advice.